Long Read Sequencing - Sponsored by Nanopore 

Interested in learning about Nanopore long-read sequencing technology and how it can be used in your research? Lorne Genome is excited to present a workshop on applications of Nanopore long read sequencing in both basic and translational research.

Dr Martin Smith is head of the Genome Technologies group at the Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics, Garvan Institute. His team held the record for the longest sequence read (>1Mb), and use Nanopore technology for cancer diagnostics, new methods in single cell sequencing and Epitranscriptomics.

Monday 7:30am - 8:40am. Breakfast is provided. For more information contact Joseph Powell. 

A career = You + Science + Audience - Sponsored by Illumina

Working on the assumption that you’ve got your science covered; Lorne Genome is excited to present Dr Barbara Cheifet chief editor of Genome Biology ( who will discuss bringing your research to your audience. (link to abstract)

Sarah Florence, an athlete (Olympic weightlifting) and personal trainer will talk about ‘Mindgold: building the mindset of an athlete by refusing to be shit’. Sarah draws on her personal story to discuss the inevitable challenges of striving for excellence.

Please be warned: This second half of the session will not be for everyone; Sarah is funny, strong and wise. Her message of grit and resilience (punctuated by frequent explicit language) is as applicable to science as it is to sport.

Monday 1:15pm. For more information contact Traude Beilharz.